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True Story By True Match (

True Story By True Match (

Dennis goes through his everyday life with religious routines. Wake-up in the morning, Take a quick shower, get ready for work and get his brother to drive him to the Bus way station, as he commutes using Bus way to go and back from work. One day, Dennis met a lady on his way to work, and had his eye on her ever since. The cupid is on his side, as he found out, she took the bus way everyday, at the same time and at the same direction as his. However, he's too shy to introduce himself to her. It's been going on for almost a year now. He was eying her every moves, make sure that she's save. There's this one occasion when the bus made a sudden break and he had to swoop her to save her from falling off. Still, he has no courage whatsoever to introduce himself to her. Or even making some idle conversation. Exchanging gazes and friendly smile every now and then. He's been telling his friends about this matter, they all laugh at him and told him he's a coward for not introducing himself. He always told them that there wasn't an appropriate time. Numerous of times he's been prepping up himself to introduce himself to her, big sweats rolling down his chin and eventually he gotten cold feet and made up excuses to himself that there's always next time. His worries sounds
ridiculous but humane, he was worried that she's already had a boyfriend or some sort or she might feel awkward and therefore ruin the year-long gazes and little excitements he looks forward to each day. The one thing that boost his mood to start off the day. Every body even the bus conductor knew his feelings towards her from his gestures or his gazes to her.

One day, Dennis found Ms. x was not there. He felt disappointed, but the next day went by but he also didn't see her. Probably She stopped using the bus way. Dennis feel frustrated, in which he pours his thought onto twitter and facebook...

whats next..? find the everyday story and the results on

Story by : My Truematch (twitter : @My_TrueMatch)

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