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Love Happens Movie, Reviews, Trailer, Soundtrack

Love Happens Movie, Reviews, Trailer, Soundtrack Love Happens Movie, Reviews, Trailer, Soundtrack. Have You watch this movie? (Love Happens). This film starring by Aaron Eckhart and beatifull women Jennifer Aniston. Aaron Eckhart act as Burke Ryan is a famous writer. His book is about advice and ways to overcome the problem, a huge success and sold well in the market. For his friends and family, Ryan is the place to share. But behind the protective figures, who are able to overcome problem from other people, Ryan can't solve his own problem it is love. He always fail on love, it's make him far away from this feel. Same case come to Eloise Chandler (Jennifer), Since the failure of the last love, Eloise spend more time to take care of the flower business. He did not want to fall in the same hole to fall in love.

But than She meet Ryan in a hotel. There this movie began!. This is very romantic film, i recommend to you to watch this movie.

Hmmm...about the soundtrack of Love Happens, There Is No official soundtrack yet but i found out in trailer it . Why don't you use SoundtrackWatch to search for those hard to find soundtracks on eBay, eBay's and Yahoo! Auctions? . Love Happens: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Various Artists: MP3 Downloads.iTunes Store - Various Artists - Love Happens (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) . Various Artists. Love Happens (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) . Various Artists - Love Happens: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, MP3 music download MP3 Album.

But if you want to watch this movie trailer, i think just go to theater :D (just kidding), i have video (movie trailer) of Love Happens . This video powered by you tube...

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5 komentar:

Rakhmat Ari Wibowo mengatakan...

Kayae seru nih filmnya..saya numpang donlot trailernya ya,bang...

bang arie mengatakan...

Silahkan mat, hehehe...kemana aja nih? lama ga mampir.

Robert Mendonca mengatakan...

minta dong trailernya

Bang arie mengatakan...

Ok deh nanti saya kasih trialnya ya :D

sexy mengatakan...

makasih ya boss.. atas waktunya nice blog


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