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Love poem | Hole In My Heart

Hole In My Heart

My heart aches
Missing you
And wanting to
Scream out your name
Into this vast space where we first met
This place that brought us so close
Is also what makes it so easy to separate
To lose track of you in between casual conversations
And witty quips sent racing through wire
Through time and space
From heart to heart
One day you're no longer there
And I have to face the truth
That this really hurts
And I really felt
Because what we thought was just a game
Became ever so real

And you were what kept me smiling
And hoping
And now that you are not there
To share
Or laugh
For me to cling to at the end of a long day
When I need to reach out
This is when I feel the ache
The incredible void
This hole in my heart
That used to be filled by you

By Misticblue

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