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Love’ is a word; which brings you in dream world, where you have unique feelings, affections and an unknown excitement.

‘Love’ is a word; which brings you in dream world, where you have unique feelings, affections and an unknown excitement. Some of the people say, it is not the matter of saying or expressing, but just of feeling; it is just a flavor, which you can only taste, not tell to anyone, while other describe that the more you express, less. Whatever is there, but most of the couples believe that having something great for someone is a starting of great relation. Are you also one, who finds any thing like the starting of love? You must come to chaise the following; in order to know whether it is love or something else.

People don’t chaise the philosophy; they know it’s hard. Probably, that’s why they just want to be in real world. What happens initially, as males see someone with coral lips, rosy cheeks or star like eyes or females find a handsome, stylish or muscleman, they start imagining. This is not bad; it’s true that both attract to each other.
But dear, it’s only an attraction, not love. Love is something that occurs itself. You never need to think or imagine about that; suddenly, without any extra effort, someone will come out of crowd for you. Don’t believe? All right, I’m going to try with an example of my friend:

My friend jack is a tourism advisor and has an attractive personality. You all know that tourism is a profession, where you meet several different kinds of people. He shared with me that one day, a well-figured girl, around 25, came to him for professional purpose; they talked for a long time later. Here, a new and exciting relation started. They are continuing on dates today also, although, later they came to know that both are married. He says that he knows it’s bad, and she isn’t in love with him, still he is unable to say her ‘good buy’. She also doesn’t have any problem, and they both come close to each other, whenever they need.

The above is what often occurs with the people. But this example may help you to realize that it’s not what you understand. Attraction also has a strong existence, but it doesn’t create a relationship that has the right elements to grow up happily forever. There is something missing. Yes, it is the lack ness of something what you want to feel; the trust, you search.
Actually, attraction and love both are caused by the different hormones. Attraction is something, which may occur at first look generally called ‘love at first sight’ and may turn into love, later; but the feeling of love takes time. There is something unknown, which inspires you to faith in one.

This is not the matter of mind, but of heart. Of course, it occurs when all the colors of one’s rainbow match to another one’s. It has much higher feelings than attraction towards someone. So, love and attraction are much different to each other. Physical relationship may be the attraction’s first requirement, but love has no mean with the word “expectation”. There is a complete satisfaction in love, not only physical, but spiritual also.

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