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dating tips for man

Be on time
Try not to be late. Unpunctuality is a fault that causes them to say �NO�

Prepare some topics to discuss
You could read a newspaper or watch a news program that day so you'll have something to talk about and sound as if you know what's happening in the world. There is nothing can be worse for a woman than to meet a pompous, self-important bore who couldn't care less about anything that's happening in the world but himself and how it all affects him.

Be open
Be open-to her, her plans, her thoughts and the shape the evening takes. Try not to push.

Be honest
Don't lie. Never lie. NEVER. Its OK for one night. You lie thru your teeth to be interesting. Great ! You get the second date. Now you have to be consistent with all the lies you told on your first date. Tricky. Five dates later you have to revise for two days before each date.

Be yourself
Don't pretend to be someone you're not. Your date might like this other person. She'll call this other person, she'll come to see this other person, she might even sleep with this other person. But when she says F*** YOU, she'll be saying it to you not the other person.

Be consecutive
Never surprise your date with a movie, meal etc on the first date. Not until you've got some vague idea of her likes and dislikes. Putting a poor unsuspecting girl thru 'Meatslayer And The Wartoids From The Planet SoftPorn' is not a good idea.

Be funny
A sense of humour (refined if possible) is your best ally.

Be constrained
Avoid arguing over things that won't cause either of you to lose a limb. In other words, chill.

And again, be constrained
Don't look for a fight. Debate topics, don't argue them.

Watch your words
Avoid calling your date 'stupid' unless absolutely necessary (less necesary than most people think!).

Be tidy
Clean nails. VITAL.

Sensitiveness is important
Use every opportunity to be observant, sensitive, perceptive, and appreciative of what your date does or may have done. If something embarrasing happens, get over it.

Don't boast
Don't lie to anyone else about the date and what happened. It always goes horribly wrong.

Do only like this
Never take your pants off before your socks.

Be a real man all the time
Roll over, go to sleep. WRONG. Cuddle, kiss, roll over, go to sleep. RIGHT.

Make it safe
Date safe. Avoid rushing into intimacy. It will your future dates more exciting.

Offer to pay
There is no difference who invites whom, it is always a nice gesture to offer to pay for half the check.

Don't drink too much
Just try to keep your limit in mind.

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