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Romantic love

Young love? or True love?

I met Ryan at a Church camp my grandparents had set up for my brother and I to go to and I wasn't too thrilled about being away from my parents for 4 days and 3 nights as an 8 year old... Well when I got to camp there were a bunch of kids that were older than me and then finally I met this girl Lacey... She had been going there for 2 years at that point and she introduced me to this boy (Ryan). He looked like this total goofball! Dark, thick rimmed glasses, tall and a major "dork" as I put it back in the day. Lacey kept saying "You two are so cute! Date him, date him!" "No way!", I thought. But after the church service one evening I had been crying out on the swings and Ryan came and sat in the swing next to me, just telling me that if I needed someone to talk to that he'd be there for me; I just kind of brushed it off. But then rumors around camp started that Ryan and I were boyfriend and girlfriend! I was humiliated! I didn't know what to do! But then the next day we were all playing on the slip n slide and Ryan and his brother (Tyler, who's my age), picked me up and threw me in the swimming pool. I was soo upset! I hit him a couple of times and that was right around the time that Lacey told me he was flirting with me. It had NEVER crossed my mind.

Well on the last day of camp we all exchanged emails and Lacey began 'dating' Tyler and I had began to 'date' Ryan. He sent me letters in the mail saying he loved me and then a necklace arrived in the mail for me. It was my birth stone!!! How CUTE! Anyhow, Ryan and I started to quit talking gradually. Tyler and Lacey broke up; and Tyler came after me the following year at camp. We 'dated' and I thought he was SOO cute and totally nice.. Until he just quit replying to my letters and emails. I gave up and moved on. When I turned 15 years old, I found Tyler's email address and was curious to see if it still worked. IT DID! He and I began talking.. Or so I thought. The whole time it was Ryan talking to me and at that time I had a boyfriend and he knew I did. But I began to really like him, but I would NEVER tell him that because I had a boyfriend and I didn't know how he felt. Well then I began singing in statewide talent competitons and he showed up at my house before one of them and I was dressed really cute and he was just drop dead gorgeous! I flirted with him and he flirted back! Little did I know, that when Lacey and I were 8 years old...SHE KNEW WHAT SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT! We would have been a completely CUTE couple. After that he came down all the time. Sent me flowers, even when my boyfriend was around and he just tried really hard to get my attention. I broke up with my boyfriend and since Ryan never told me how he felt I just took it as he was trying to make my boyfriend jealous. So I dated another guy. Well this guy and I were on a sort of "dating break" and I called Ryan while I was at a bowling alley and he showed up and right as my friends and I were leaving, I had gotten out the first set of doors and the minute I put my hand on the door to leave, he grabbed me and spun me around and planted a totally hot kiss right on my lips! I was in awe! I couldn't say anything but "Uhm... Bye"... When i got in the car, that was all I could talk about! He and I started dating on December 18th of 2006 and we're still going strong! Who would have known my 8 year old, BEST FRIEND, knew exactly what she was talking about!

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